Sarah did an amazing job on my eye liner and it was nearly pain free! I had a hard time wearing eye liner because I rub my dry eyes all the time. Also, I am blond, so when I don't have eye liner on, my eyes are blah. I love that I always have eye liner on now, even when swimming. I can't imagine not having it now!
— Diane H. via Google
Hi Sarah this is Nancy. I just wanted to let you know how much I love my eyebrows..... thank you again for doing such a nice job... :)
— Nancy M text message to Sarah
This salon was the best experience I have ever had having permanent makeup applied! I originally had my eyeliner done in Chicago by a permanent makeup 'instructor'. I bled a lot and it hurt like hell!!! I was crying! The procedure was not only painful but very expensive! When I found Sarah I was so nervous because my eyeliner had almost completely come off and I was afraid of the pain! Sarah is so professional! SARAH DID NOT HURT ME AT ALL!!! No bleeding! No pain! Her prices are very reasonable compared to the other places I checked and includes a retouch if needed. I went back to have Sarah do my eyebrows and she touched up my eyeliner a bit too even though I was really happy with it! I went back to have my eyebrows touched up...(I wanted more...she is conservative and wanted me to enjoy them for a while) and I am thrilled with the results! My natural eyebrows are thin and the shape Sarah gave me flatters my face and allows me to fill them in when I'm in the mood to make them pop! Otherwise my eyebrows look very natural. While my friends are getting tattoos on their bodies and ask if I have any I tell them about my permanent makeup and they get real close to look and always say "Wow your eye makeup looks so good". I always recommend Sarah! PAINLESS and ECONOMICAL! You'll love her!
- Ann S. via
I had my upper & lower eye liner done in July 2013. She did a very good job! She is very nice. Her place is very clean & comfortable. She uses topical numbing, so it was no problem.
—Beth H. via
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