What is permanent makeup?

It is the art and science of implanting color under your skin to create a look that enhances your natural beauty and boosts your confidence. A small amount of specially formulated pigments goes into the dermal layer of your skin with single use sterile needles. The result is a natural softer look because the color is placed under your skin and not on your skin. It is also known as a cosmetic tattoo, micro pigmentation, and permanent cosmetics.

Will it look natural?

Our philosophy regarding permanent makeup is that it should not be obvious you are wearing makeup, rather it should be beautifully subtle. If you desire a more dramatic look, you can add conventional makeup whenever you like. The best part is that when you wake up, you don't see the need to make up your face.

Does it hurt?

The use of microneedles, having a size of human hair, minimizes discomfort. Most clients experience very little discomfort with two step topical numbing procedure. If a client feels discomfort, the artist applies more ointment as necessary. 

Who should consider permanent makeup?

Busy people with little time to apply daily makeup, those who are active in sports, missing brow hairs, thin or pale lips, difficulty applying their makeup due to poor vision or physical disability, damaged features, such as cleft lips and missing areola after breast surgery, alopecia sufferers, burn victims, cancer survivors, anyone who wants to feel good about how they look!

How long will it last?

Changing health conditions, anti-aging products medications and exposure to Sun affect the color. As the skin rejuvenates, the color will eventually fade. As fashion changes and your skin ages, you will have options with permanent makeup. On average, your color may last three to five years or longer. However, some clients like to have re-touching done sooner to maintain optimal appearance.

Is this a smart investment?

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, permanent makeup is reasonably priced. You can enhance your natural look without expensive surgery. Consider the time you invest in applying your makeup every day. You can be free from this daily ritual. Also, you can save yourself the embarrassment of smeared, smudged eyeliner or brows with conventional makeup. Many clients admitted that it was the best money they spent on themselves. 

Is it safe?

We use only pre-sterilized single use disposable needles for all procedures. Following the treatment, clients will receive aftercare instructions with ointment to prevent infection and aid in healing. S P Cosmetics is licensed and inspected by the Department of Public Health.

What is involved in recovery

Most clients resume their normal activities on the same day, but there will be some redness or swelling in the skin. The initial color will be lightened within a week or so. We advise clients to avoid swimming and minimize exposure to Sun while the skin is healing.

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